Art Instruction

Comics are a mighty tool for youth to explore illustration and storytelling. Lee Post has developed activities to work with a wide variety of students and ages.  The tasks are non-competitive, allowing each youth to find their own success without feeling left behind or held back.  By using short, fast-paced, cumulative lessons, students put skills in to practice quickly and move past any doubts about their artistic talents, building a lifelong love for creating on their own terms.   His classes are based on the experiences he has gained as a self-taught comic artist and freelance illustrator.  The actvities are specifically designed for all skill levels and rely on an enthusiasm for drawing rather than technical skill.  Students are taught through a series of progressive lessons to combine basic drawings to tell a story, going from doodling to a full page comic story, with each session of classes crafted to fit your audience, location and timeframe.  He uses materials found in almost any classroom so there are no barriers to students continuing to develop their love of art long after the class is over.   

Lee has taught dozens classes, including classes for the Anchorage School District, the Dorothy Page Gallery, and teens detained at the McLaughlin Youth Center, as well as multi-hour, multi-day classes for the Girdwood Arts Camp, the Homer Library, the Juneau/Douglas Library,Willow Library and Anchorage’s 49 Writer’s Teen Program.  He's also taught in coordination with the Anchorage School District and the University of Alaska Anchorage's Northern Journey's program to help mentor student teachers on how to integrate art and culture into their day-to-day teaching practices. He has also presented on his art and career for the Anchorage Museum, the UAA Book Store, the Alaska Arts Council, and Fireside Books in Palmer, Ak.  

As of January 2018, Lee Post is listed on the Alaska Statewide Teaching Artist Roster (STAR) and is eligible to take part in "Artist In Schools" residencies throughout Alaska.