Going (mostly) all digital

I just finished up a big advertising project Alaska Energy Efficency including a coloring book, a sticker, and some light switch covers that will be published soon.  The fun part was that I was in a rush and ended up doing 99% of it digitally on my Surface Pro with the Frenden’s “The Natural” brush using Manga Studio for the line work, Photoshop for coloring, and Illustrator for the text and backgrounds.

Manga Studio and the sweet Frenden art brushes made it super smooth and I ended up liking the digital line work better than the few pieces I did with my Copic Multiliner brush pen on bristol board.  It was the same look, just less frustrating, which wasn’t the case with my old rig and Wacom tablet.  

Sun's Out!

Duck's Bath (1st draft)

Dog's playing video games

Dog's playing video games

New Surface

I got myself a Surface Pro Tablet, which has a Wacom digitizer, to work on the go.  Here's a few of my first stabs at an all digital workflow.  It took a few days of playing Sketchbook Pro 6, but in the end, it all feels really natural, with out much fussing about.


Busy month

It's been a wildly busy month.  I was lucky enough be asked to go down to Juneau to teach a few kid and teen classes for the library.  The classes were packed with really interested and creative kids that pumped out some crazy comics over the two days. 

The kids did a lot of activities around drawing images on index cards and mixing them up.  It made the already random and hysterical pictures surprising to the artists themselves.  The kids also did a few rounds of the "Cartoon of Mystery" where they passed papers around to see who could come up with the most unexpected creature.  We only had a few pictures that ended up with heads for waists. 

there were lots of index cards

Cartoons of Mystery

On Friday, February 22nd, I did a night of sketching for the Petroleum Club of Anchorage after I spent the month doing caricatures of their past board members and a mural of their early founders. 

Finally, yesterday we competed in the Fur Rondy's outhouse races in our Dr. Who themed outhouse, as the Wholigans.  We had a respectable run, winning three races out of five, one of which was a photo finish.  All the nerdery was worth it in the end, giving us the Best Theme prize for 201

the Wholigans, Fur Rondy Outhouse Races 2013

In the Wild

I stopped into La Bodega today and got to see my sketches of the staff up. I'd pontificate on how great it was to see them up, but I spent the day working on another caricature project for the Petrolium Club. I'll be doing a quick mural of past presidents and the current board members in the theme of "the Palms Steak House(s) and I'll be doing live sketches at the private dinner on the 22nd. Fun stuff.


Classes for February in Juneau

 I'll be teaching drawing  three classes in Juneau, one class for younger kids and two for teens, with details below.  I'm also lucky enough to have a first Friday show at the Alaska Robotics Gallery on Front Street on the first of February with some of my old favorites. 

The classes will be held: 

  • Saturday Feb. 9, 10am to noon at the Douglas Library for kids 2nd grade - 4th grade
  • Saturday Feb. 9, 2pm -5pm at the Douglas Library for kids 5th grade - 12th
  • Sunday Feb. 10, 2pm - 5pm at the Valley Library for kids 5th grade - 12th

The classes will be for any skill level and don't require any special pens, paper or markers,    We'll supply some pencils, ballpoint pens, index cards and copy paper, but any of the kids have any special tools they want to bring, they're more than welcome. 

The classes will revolve around using art to tell stories.  I'll briefly go over some quick drawing techniques, but most of the class will be about using whatever enthusiasm they have to draw to tell a sequential story using some simple building blocks and examples from the best of comics.  The teen class will be in two parts, but teens can attend both or either session without feeling left behind or that they're missing out.

If you have any questions about the class, don't hesitate to contact me. 

New Website

I finally worked up the very small amount of energy to put up a portfolio website and I'll try to be a bit more diligent about keeping up this blog with process pictures and news about new classes and my completed projects. I won't be updating http://yoursquarelife.blogspot.com anymore, but take a look for a bunch of sketches and pictures.