Going (mostly) all digital

I just finished up a big advertising project Alaska Energy Efficency including a coloring book, a sticker, and some light switch covers that will be published soon.  The fun part was that I was in a rush and ended up doing 99% of it digitally on my Surface Pro with the Frenden’s “The Natural” brush using Manga Studio for the line work, Photoshop for coloring, and Illustrator for the text and backgrounds.

Manga Studio and the sweet Frenden art brushes made it super smooth and I ended up liking the digital line work better than the few pieces I did with my Copic Multiliner brush pen on bristol board.  It was the same look, just less frustrating, which wasn’t the case with my old rig and Wacom tablet.  

Sun's Out!

Duck's Bath (1st draft)

Dog's playing video games

Dog's playing video games