Contact Lee to scribe during your next presentation, conference, group discussion, or planning session.  He can draw as you present to vibrantly and creatively illustrate your message.  In group discussions and planning meetings, the visual harvesting of your ideas increases participation and helps distill the thoughts of the group, stimulating your audience to tune in and engage.  His illustrations will compliment your presentation and provide unique images that can be shared afterward to your blog, social media accounts, newsletters, annual reports, or patent applications.  He can from draw on a small easel pad, a white board, directly into a computer in full color and/or to project it on a large screen as you talk. He has produced animated videos to memorialize discussions or as part of public messaging campaigns.   Contact Lee to consult on his rates and availability.  Lee has done live drawing sessions for the Salmon Project, the Foraker's Group's 2015 Leadership Summit, the Institute of the North, the University of Alaska's EPSCoR team, and Mat-Su Health Coallition Mat-Su R.O.C.K.S.  He's also worked on a recorded session for the 90% by 2020 advertising campaign, EPSCoR, and Mat-Su R.O.C.K.S.