Lee Post - Illustrator, Art Educator, and Graphic Facilitator



Lee Post is a lifelong Alaskan, growing up in Palmer and living in Anchorage. He has spent his career working with youth, beginning as a social worker with child protective services, then the past nineteen years as a Juvenile Probation Officer for the State of Alaska. He is currently the Chief of Juvenile Probation for the Anchorage area.

Lee is also a freelance illustrator and cartoonist, who had a comic strip, “Your Square Life” published in the Anchorage Press for six years, a total of 300 comic strips from 2001 to 2007. He produced several books, including a “Best of Your Square Life” and “Alaska!: Big and Small”, contributed a chapter to a collaborative Alaska history graphic novel, “A Native Lad”, and produced the book "Portraits" for the Alaska Immigration Justice Project and the Humanity Forum.   His work has been shown in several galleries in Alaska, including a solo retrospective at the Dorothy Page Gallery in Wasilla.  He’s presented at the Anchorage Museum and had his work published as far afield as Omaha, NB and Johannesburg, South Africa.   He's done live "visual harvesting" for a number of large audiences including the Salmon Project, the Foraker Group's Leadership Summit, and several sessions of Step-Up AK.  He's also taught many drawing classes for young children and teens across Alaska at sites such as the Homer Library, the Anchorage Library, 49 Writers, and at McLaughlin Youth Center.